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I have so many cool things to offer y'all on my Patreon. I'm excited to connect & grow.

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I've also listed the details below!

Official Patron
$5 per month
Along with the monthly newsletter I send out to my mailing list, I will include separate weekly newsletters for Patreon members. I'll share everything from my personal process & journey in the writing industry to writing tips and reading recommendations. 

All-Access Patron
$9 per month
Along with the monthly, and weekly newsletter, all-access patrons will see the early drafts & the journey of three long poetry pieces a month.

- Patron-Only Newsletter
- Early access to Poetry

VIP Patron
$20 per month

Along with the newsletters, access to early drafts of my poetry, there are three added benefits to the VIP Tier. These include: Behind The Scenes Content - exclusive photos of my writing space, writing process, & artistic life in LA. FOUR free Commissions - I can write poetry for you & your loved ones. VIP members will also get SIX free items of merch p/year. (Once a month) & have early access to coupon codes. 

- Patron-Only Newsletter
- Behind-The-Scenes Content
- Four Free Commissions (per year)
- Access to Drafts & Journey

Extra VIP Patron
$90 per month
Along with all benefits, the Extra VIP patrons will have access to a half-hour meeting once a month. We can talk about your own artistic process, we can work on your writing, we can discuss theme, structure, or theory, whatever creative dialogue you're in need of, I'm here for you. I also work as a screenwriter, so I am happy to talk about all forms of creative media.

- Patron-only Newsletter
- Early access to Poetry
- Access to Drafts & Journey
- Merch
- Behind-the-scenes content
- 4 free Commissions (per year) 
- Phone call

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  1. Saw you interviewed on one of the morning shows. Didn't connect the name but the book sounded great. Then I got a Christmas letter from your Grandparents Murphys who were bragging about their kids and a book, 'Surprise Me' written by their granddaughter Grace Murphy! What a small world!
    Congratulations Grace! A must have for my library!

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